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variants of this functions

Mathematica Notation

Traditional Notation

Elliptic Functions > EllipticTheta[1,z,q] > General characteristics > Branch points > With respect to q



Input Form

BranchPoints[EllipticTheta[1, z, q], q] == {0}

Standard Form

Cell[BoxData[RowBox[List[RowBox[List["BranchPoints", "[", RowBox[List[RowBox[List["EllipticTheta", "[", RowBox[List["1", ",", "z", ",", "q"]], "]"]], ",", "q"]], "]"]], "\[Equal]", RowBox[List["{", "0", "}"]]]]]]

MathML Form

<math xmlns='' mathematica:form='TraditionalForm' xmlns:mathematica=''> <semantics> <mrow> <mrow> <msub> <mi> &#8492;&#119979; </mi> <mi> q </mi> </msub> <mo> ( </mo> <mrow> <msub> <mi> &#977; </mi> <mn> 1 </mn> </msub> <mo> ( </mo> <mrow> <mi> z </mi> <mo> , </mo> <mi> q </mi> </mrow> <mo> ) </mo> </mrow> <mo> ) </mo> </mrow> <mo> &#10869; </mo> <mrow> <mo> { </mo> <mn> 0 </mn> <mo> } </mo> </mrow> </mrow> <annotation-xml encoding='MathML-Content'> <apply> <eq /> <apply> <apply> <ci> Subscript </ci> <ci> &#8492;&#119979; </ci> <ci> q </ci> </apply> <apply> <ci> EllipticTheta </ci> <cn type='integer'> 1 </cn> <ci> z </ci> <ci> q </ci> </apply> </apply> <list> <cn type='integer'> 0 </cn> </list> </apply> </annotation-xml> </semantics> </math>

Rule Form

Cell[BoxData[RowBox[List[RowBox[List["HoldPattern", "[", RowBox[List["BranchPoints", "[", RowBox[List[RowBox[List["EllipticTheta", "[", RowBox[List["1", ",", "z_", ",", "q_"]], "]"]], ",", "q_"]], "]"]], "]"]], "\[RuleDelayed]", RowBox[List["{", "0", "}"]]]]]]

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