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For the initial two years of this website, we concentrated on creating a comprehensive formula collection. While we derived the vast majority of the formulas ourselves, many of the identities shown are (well) known and appeared somewhere in the literature over the last two hundred years. Although providing proofs and derivations of all the formulas is currently out of the scope of the website, we would like to give pointers to the relevant references. We started to add references over the last few month and would like to add more. So, if you know of references for an identity that currently does not have any, let us know and we will add them.

We would like to see this site become the best possible resource. The more comprehensive the site becomes, the more valuable a resource it will be to the mathematics and science community. Many additional features are planned, and a considerable amount of new information will be incorporated in the near future. However, due to the enormous scope of this project, there will always be room for additions and extensions.

If you have results that you think would be appropriate for this site, please consider becoming a contributor. We are especially interested in new results that are specific, concise, and verifiable. Submissions will be reviewed for correctness and are preferred in the form of Mathematica notebooks; however, plain ASCII, TeX, and LaTeX are also acceptable.

We also encourage you to submit interesting examples of how these functions have been put to practical use. Citations to scientific works incorporating or relying on these functions will add historical perspective to their value.

Below are some areas for which contributions would be particularly appreciated, but we encourage you to share your knowledge in any area related to this web site.

Top Ten Most Wanted

Please send your results to contributions@functions.wolfram.com. Your help in making this site more useful is appreciated.