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Mathematica Notation

Traditional Notation

Hypergeometric Functions > Hypergeometric2F1[a,b,c,z] > Specific values > Specialized values > For fixed b, c, z




Input Form

Hypergeometric2F1[-n, b, c, z] == ((z^(1 - c) (1 - z)^(c + n - b))/ Pochhammer[c, n]) D[z^(c + n - 1) (1 - z)^(b - c), {z, n}] /; Element[n, Integers] && n >= 0

Standard Form

Cell[BoxData[RowBox[List[RowBox[List[RowBox[List["Hypergeometric2F1", "[", RowBox[List[RowBox[List["-", "n"]], ",", "b", ",", "c", ",", "z"]], "]"]], "\[Equal]", RowBox[List[FractionBox[RowBox[List[SuperscriptBox["z", RowBox[List["1", "-", "c"]]], SuperscriptBox[RowBox[List["(", RowBox[List["1", "-", "z"]], ")"]], RowBox[List["c", "+", "n", "-", "b"]]]]], RowBox[List["Pochhammer", "[", RowBox[List["c", ",", "n"]], "]"]]], RowBox[List["D", "[", RowBox[List[RowBox[List[SuperscriptBox["z", RowBox[List["c", "+", "n", "-", "1"]]], SuperscriptBox[RowBox[List["(", RowBox[List["1", "-", "z"]], ")"]], RowBox[List["b", "-", "c"]]]]], ",", RowBox[List["{", RowBox[List["z", ",", "n"]], "}"]]]], "]"]]]]]], "/;", RowBox[List[RowBox[List["n", "\[Element]", "Integers"]], "\[And]", RowBox[List["n", "\[GreaterEqual]", "0"]]]]]]]]

MathML Form

<math xmlns='http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML' mathematica:form='TraditionalForm' xmlns:mathematica='http://www.wolfram.com/XML/'> <semantics> <mrow> <mrow> <semantics> <mrow> <mrow> <msub> <mo> &#8202; </mo> <mn> 2 </mn> </msub> <msub> <mi> F </mi> <mn> 1 </mn> </msub> </mrow> <mo> &#8289; </mo> <mrow> <mo> ( </mo> <mrow> <mrow> <mrow> <mo> - </mo> <mi> n </mi> </mrow> <mo> , </mo> <mi> b </mi> </mrow> <mo> ; </mo> <mi> c </mi> <mo> ; </mo> <mi> z </mi> </mrow> <mo> ) </mo> </mrow> </mrow> <annotation encoding='Mathematica'> TagBox[TagBox[RowBox[List[RowBox[List[SubscriptBox[&quot;\[InvisiblePrefixScriptBase]&quot;, FormBox[&quot;2&quot;, TraditionalForm]], SubscriptBox[&quot;F&quot;, FormBox[&quot;1&quot;, TraditionalForm]]]], &quot;\[InvisibleApplication]&quot;, RowBox[List[&quot;(&quot;, RowBox[List[TagBox[TagBox[RowBox[List[TagBox[RowBox[List[&quot;-&quot;, &quot;n&quot;]], Hypergeometric2F1, Rule[Editable, True]], &quot;,&quot;, TagBox[&quot;b&quot;, Hypergeometric2F1, Rule[Editable, True]]]], InterpretTemplate[Function[List[SlotSequence[1]]]]], Hypergeometric2F1, Rule[Editable, False]], &quot;;&quot;, TagBox[TagBox[TagBox[&quot;c&quot;, Hypergeometric2F1, Rule[Editable, True]], InterpretTemplate[Function[List[SlotSequence[1]]]]], Hypergeometric2F1, Rule[Editable, False]], &quot;;&quot;, TagBox[&quot;z&quot;, Hypergeometric2F1, Rule[Editable, True]]]], &quot;)&quot;]]]], InterpretTemplate[Function[HypergeometricPFQ[Slot[1], Slot[2], Slot[3]]]], Rule[Editable, False]], Hypergeometric2F1] </annotation> </semantics> <mo> &#10869; </mo> <mrow> <mfrac> <mrow> <msup> <mi> z </mi> <mrow> <mn> 1 </mn> <mo> - </mo> <mi> c </mi> </mrow> </msup> <mo> &#8290; </mo> <msup> <mrow> <mo> ( </mo> <mrow> <mn> 1 </mn> <mo> - </mo> <mi> z </mi> </mrow> <mo> ) </mo> </mrow> <mrow> <mi> c </mi> <mo> + </mo> <mi> n </mi> <mo> - </mo> <mi> b </mi> </mrow> </msup> </mrow> <semantics> <msub> <mrow> <mo> ( </mo> <mi> c </mi> <mo> ) </mo> </mrow> <mi> n </mi> </msub> <annotation encoding='Mathematica'> TagBox[SubscriptBox[RowBox[List[&quot;(&quot;, &quot;c&quot;, &quot;)&quot;]], &quot;n&quot;], Pochhammer] </annotation> </semantics> </mfrac> <mo> &#8290; </mo> <mfrac> <mrow> <msup> <mo> &#8706; </mo> <mi> n </mi> </msup> <mrow> <mo> ( </mo> <mrow> <msup> <mi> z </mi> <mrow> <mi> c </mi> <mo> + </mo> <mi> n </mi> <mo> - </mo> <mn> 1 </mn> </mrow> </msup> <mo> &#8290; </mo> <msup> <mrow> <mo> ( </mo> <mrow> <mn> 1 </mn> <mo> - </mo> <mi> z </mi> </mrow> <mo> ) </mo> </mrow> <mrow> <mi> b </mi> <mo> - </mo> <mi> c </mi> </mrow> </msup> </mrow> <mo> ) </mo> </mrow> </mrow> <mrow> <mo> &#8706; </mo> <msup> <mi> z </mi> <mi> n </mi> </msup> </mrow> </mfrac> </mrow> </mrow> <mo> /; </mo> <mrow> <mi> n </mi> <mo> &#8712; </mo> <mi> &#8469; </mi> </mrow> </mrow> <annotation-xml encoding='MathML-Content'> <apply> <ci> Condition </ci> <apply> <eq /> <apply> <ci> Hypergeometric2F1 </ci> <apply> <times /> <cn type='integer'> -1 </cn> <ci> n </ci> </apply> <ci> b </ci> <ci> c </ci> <ci> z </ci> </apply> <apply> <times /> <apply> <times /> <apply> <power /> <ci> z </ci> <apply> <plus /> <cn type='integer'> 1 </cn> <apply> <times /> <cn type='integer'> -1 </cn> <ci> c </ci> </apply> </apply> </apply> <apply> <power /> <apply> <plus /> <cn type='integer'> 1 </cn> <apply> <times /> <cn type='integer'> -1 </cn> <ci> z </ci> </apply> </apply> <apply> <plus /> <ci> c </ci> <ci> n </ci> <apply> <times /> <cn type='integer'> -1 </cn> <ci> b </ci> </apply> </apply> </apply> <apply> <power /> <apply> <ci> Pochhammer </ci> <ci> c </ci> <ci> n </ci> </apply> <cn type='integer'> -1 </cn> </apply> </apply> <apply> <partialdiff /> <bvar> <ci> z </ci> <degree> <ci> n </ci> </degree> </bvar> <apply> <times /> <apply> <power /> <ci> z </ci> <apply> <plus /> <ci> c </ci> <ci> n </ci> <cn type='integer'> -1 </cn> </apply> </apply> <apply> <power /> <apply> <plus /> <cn type='integer'> 1 </cn> <apply> <times /> <cn type='integer'> -1 </cn> <ci> z </ci> </apply> </apply> <apply> <plus /> <ci> b </ci> <apply> <times /> <cn type='integer'> -1 </cn> <ci> c </ci> </apply> </apply> </apply> </apply> </apply> </apply> </apply> <apply> <in /> <ci> n </ci> <ci> &#8469; </ci> </apply> </apply> </annotation-xml> </semantics> </math>

Rule Form

Cell[BoxData[RowBox[List[RowBox[List["HoldPattern", "[", RowBox[List["Hypergeometric2F1", "[", RowBox[List[RowBox[List["-", "n_"]], ",", "b_", ",", "c_", ",", "z_"]], "]"]], "]"]], "\[RuleDelayed]", RowBox[List[FractionBox[RowBox[List[RowBox[List["(", RowBox[List[SuperscriptBox["z", RowBox[List["1", "-", "c"]]], " ", SuperscriptBox[RowBox[List["(", RowBox[List["1", "-", "z"]], ")"]], RowBox[List["c", "+", "n", "-", "b"]]]]], ")"]], " ", RowBox[List[SubscriptBox["\[PartialD]", RowBox[List[RowBox[List["{", RowBox[List["z", ",", "n"]], "}"]]]]], RowBox[List["(", RowBox[List[SuperscriptBox["z", RowBox[List["c", "+", "n", "-", "1"]]], " ", SuperscriptBox[RowBox[List["(", RowBox[List["1", "-", "z"]], ")"]], RowBox[List["b", "-", "c"]]]]], ")"]]]]]], RowBox[List["Pochhammer", "[", RowBox[List["c", ",", "n"]], "]"]]], "/;", RowBox[List[RowBox[List["n", "\[Element]", "Integers"]], "&&", RowBox[List["n", "\[GreaterEqual]", "0"]]]]]]]]]]

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