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Hypergeometric Functions > Hypergeometric2F1[a,b,c,z] > Identities

Functional identities (130 formulas)

>   Relations between contiguous functions (26 formulas)
>   Additional relations between contiguous functions (2 formulas)
>   Relations for fixed z (3 formulas)
>   Relations of special kind (5 formulas)
>   Reduction to polynomial (6 formulas)
>   Division on even and odd parts and generalization (3 formulas)
>   Generic general cases (9 formulas)
>   Confluent general cases (3 formulas)
>   Relations including three Kummer's solutions (20 formulas)
>   Quadratic transformations with fixed a,b,z (29 formulas)
>   Quadratic transformations with fixed a,c,z (8 formulas)
>   Cubic transformations (16 formulas)